Ruhub is a top esport production company in CIS

Team of specialists is responsible for every aspect of the live broadcasting
CS:GO, Dota 2 and other disciplines


Logo based branding is hard to stay interesting - for a long time distance
in entertainment


Build visual construction - which will be identified and recognizable,
but we can feeling free to change some visualls in a long time distanc


Source Filmmaker
Simple backgrounds


Practical use


Ruhub Media
source Film Maker editing – Sergey Shut'ko
art direction / logo refining – Ivan Kovalev
animation / motion design / photo – Vladimir Lopata
motion design – Sviatoslav Verdi
social network design – Andrey Andresiuk
print / broadcast graphic / operational graphics – Oleksiy Poroshkov
sound producer – Rostislav Dumich​​​​​​​
project manager – Valeria Voronova

featuring 3D assets by Sponge D&D, made exclusively for Ruhub Media.
Alexey Cherednichenko
Dmitriy Tkach

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